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I remember playing Saints Row a long while ago and forgot what my character was like since it was ages ago..

But. Hot. Damn.

I was obviously a bit of a pervert in high school considering she’s got an ass like fucking whoa with matching boobs too. I’m was seriously staring at the screen wondering how she can fit all that tittie in a Couture Gown and then run without them smacking her in the face and then I gotta remember that Saints Row is a game with game physics.

Because how the hell else do I take a police car, paint it candy Barbie hot neon pink with black accents and the cops on the street not want to kick my ass every time I drive by?








My riot shield was shitty at best and I couldn’t take a bullet to save someone’s else’s life and you got no idea how that pissed me off!

Don’t tell me you asshats nerfed the shield so now everything and it’s greasy grandma can plow through it. I’m not playing Ghosts for awhile it seems…

One of the most impatient partner I’ve ever had.

Like the come on command was said by him (I’m saying him because I’m always Sheva) no less than 50 times during one intense moment where the helicopter comes and provides air support.

Yeah, I’m coming alright. Right after I take advantage of you leaving all this ammo behind.

And they almost forgot the sniper rifle in the warehouse too.

But then again, I wish they did because instead of doing the intelligent thing and reloading all your weapons so you can get room, they discarded the shotgun.

What bullfuckery is this?

Did I mention he got slammed by that truck on the bridge no less than 3 times because I wasn’t ready to shoot the truck driver and he just ran off?

Because that totally happened. I wish I was kidding. 

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