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One of the most impatient partner I’ve ever had.

Like the come on command was said by him (I’m saying him because I’m always Sheva) no less than 50 times during one intense moment where the helicopter comes and provides air support.

Yeah, I’m coming alright. Right after I take advantage of you leaving all this ammo behind.

And they almost forgot the sniper rifle in the warehouse too.

But then again, I wish they did because instead of doing the intelligent thing and reloading all your weapons so you can get room, they discarded the shotgun.

What bullfuckery is this?

Did I mention he got slammed by that truck on the bridge no less than 3 times because I wasn’t ready to shoot the truck driver and he just ran off?

Because that totally happened. I wish I was kidding. 

My last partner was an absolute sweetie from Japan.

Supportive, careful, and generous at the same time.

Neither one of us died in like and we only played up until 2-1 on veteran because they had to go.

We came close several times but it was understood that if your partner is critical, you don’t make them go first but you make sure they don’t get hit from the back either.

We kept sharing ammo and stringing combos and it was just amazing.

I think it’s a universal thing that in 2-1, if the Chainsaw Majini falls and his chainsaw DOESN’T stop, when he gets up, your ass better be at that damn door to leave.

I don’t know one person that stays and fights a crazed chainsaw welding person that takes bullets to the face.

Everybody is literally like ‘fuck that’ and ollies out.

Everybody except you for some reason.

Which, if anybody was wondering, led him dying.

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